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How can I submit a logo for consideration?
Submissions are currently suspended due to a backlog of logos still to be processed for inclusion.

If you are keen to be made aware of when we will be accepting submissions again, please send a short email, including your logo as a black and white (no colour or greyscale logos will be considered) vector based eps or svg file, along with the following logo design details:

– Brand/Company name
– Country of the brand/company headquarters
– The type of business i.e. ‘bank’ or ‘residential development’
– Design company name
– Designer or designers names
– Year the design was created

Send your email to: submit@logobook.com
We will be in touch when submissions are open again, and if your logo is to be considered for inclusion.

I submitted a logo but it hasn’t appeared – why?
Logobook receives many submissions that are not suitable for inclusion on the site. We will contact you if your application is included.

How do you decide which logos are featured?
We look for originality, simplicity, intelligence, charm and importantly, that the logo communicates in black and white. Full colour logos, or greyscale logos will not be featured.

Some of the logos you feature are not legible, or look generic. Why have you featured it?
Not every logo featured is perfect and some might even contain errors, but many of the logos featured here were the first of their kind, and started trends that look common today, but were groundbreaking when they were originally conceived.

Can I pay you to feature my logo?
No – none of the features have been paid for.

Do you feature text/word based logotypes?
Not yet, but we are considering ways to feature these.

How can I add my details against a logo I designed/developed?
Please send an email with your full name, and your responsibility for the logo design (including any relevant proof of your work on the project) to: creditme@logobook.com and we will try to check your submission with the people/company that submitted the logo. Once we have good reason to include your credit we will update the appropriate logo details page. Please note that in some cases this can take an indefinite amount of time due to the fact that this request might not be a priority for a brand/design-company to respond to, but be assured, the aim of this website is to celebrate outstanding logo designs, concepts and the people involved in they’re creation.

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