United Kingdom

Richard Hemingway & Partners

Keith Murgatroyd

L. Holzer & Co.

Ken Garland

Grantham Rainwear

Julian Swift

The National Giro Post Office

Henrion Design Associates

Five G

John B. Castle

Kingston Gifts


Rex Granby Studios

Tony Forster

Radio Glasgow

David Stanfield, Ralph Semmence

Donald Forrest

David J. Plumb

Formation Furniture

Fletcher, Forbes, Gill

Derbyshire County Council

Kenneth Hollick


John Nash

Condor Records

John Denison-Hunt

Cord Chemical Company

Raymond E. Meylan


Kenneth Hollick

Camden Committee for Community Relations

Ken Garland

Barbour Index

Ken Garland

British International Paper

Michael Burgess

Bates Brothers

Woudhuysen Inc.

Ali Reza Group

Tor A. Pettersen

Industria Adhesives

Peter Gauld


Kenneth Hollick


Milner Gray, Rupert Armstrong

British Petroleum

Raymond Loewy


Garth Bell, John Gibbs

The Plessey Company

Norbert Dutton

Hawker Siddeley

Minale, Tattersfield, Provinciali

Cashmart Wholesale Grocers

Negus & Negus

Zinc Development Association Conference 1966

Crosby, Fletcher, Forbes

Central Office of Information

Carl Wilson, Cecil Bourchier

British Organisation for the Development of Exports

John Gibbs

New Left Books

Ken Garland

Peter Green

Gavin Healey

Marine Accessory Company

Michael Tucker

Slinger Group

June Fraser

British Leyland

Henrion Design Associates

Honeywell Europe

Gavin Healey

Ind Coope

Abram Games

British Aluminium

Abram Games

Aldus Books

Romek Marber

Stella-Meta Filters

Tor A. Pettersen

Percy Haynes & Co.

Fletcher, Forbes, Gill

Chiswell Wire Company

Peter Wildbur

Broadbents of Southport

Tony Forster

United Paper Mills

Carl Swann

Toy Works

Ken Garland

Anthony Blond

Fletcher, Forbes, Gill


Conran Design Group

Jerome & Norris

David Caplan

F. & H. Sutcliffe

Gavin Healey

Fisons Horticulture

Roger Philips, Ruth Gill

Watney Combe Reid & Co.

Milner Gray

SquareGrip Reinforcement

Henrion Design Associates

Browne & Nolan

Collis Clements

Royal Garden Hotel

Ronald Armstrong

British Transport Docks Board

Ben John, Ed Stone

Noble Lowndes International

David Caplan

International Janitor

Ulrich Haupt

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